You've invested in your education and got your degree.


Now, how do you go about finding a job?

·       You need to have professional CV

·       Understand how to use the job boards and get your CV noticed.

·       Identify niche recruiters for your sector

·       Successfully market your CV

·       Have a to do list with goals to keep you focused and motivated

·       Learn how to prepare and carry out a good interview

·       Treat finding a job like a job!

The Daily Telegraph has said that in the last 4 years there has been a 40% rise in Graduates obtaining a 2:1 degree or better.
Competition is fierce in the job market - let us help you get the edge
At networkjobs we know competition is tough for Graduates, so we have devised a training & coaching plan to help.
  • Initially we will spend 15-20 mins on the phone to discuss what you are looking for and how we can help. This call is free of charge
  • Dependant on the modules that you take, you will:
    • Discuss your future aspirations, talk about your degree choice, your skills, interests and any work experience.
    • Build or refine your CV ready to send out to a prospective employer.
    • Learn how the job sites work and how to navigate them.
    • Understand what happens once you upload your CV to a search site and make sure that your CV is found by recruiters.
    • Draw up a plan on how to market your CV.
    • Get your CV in front of employers by networking and using other methods of marketing to get your CV noticed.
    • Gain insight into what a potential employer wants to see at an interview.
    • How to research a company and gain general interview skills.