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What to do if I am running late for an interview

With the best will in the World, with all the forward planning you've done, sometimes things are out of your control, which means you are going to be late for an important interview.

Don't panic - as long as you handle the situation professionally your prospective employer will not think any less of you. In fact, handled correctly, you can demonstrate that you have integrity.

So....... Do I call the person that is going to #interview me at the company or do I call the Recruitment Agency?

Best choice: Call the person that will be interviewing you ASAP! This shows that you are proactive, that you care about first impressions and that you are organised. It also saves time, trying to get hold of your recruitment consultant, whom then has to call the company. The personal direct approach is best and quicker!

2nd choice: Call the Recruitment Agency and ask them to call ahead for you.

Interview Tip: Always make sure you have the telephone number of the person who is going to interview you or the main switchboard number of the company.

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