Success stories, what people are saying

Lisa, Surrey

Jane gave me some great advice. She talked me through some great interview questions and explained what I needed to research in order to make a really good impression at my interview.

James, Berkshire

I had an interview arranged - this was the job I really wanted and was desperate to impress.  Jane went through the job spec with me and gave me some excellent tips on what questions I may be asked and how to present myself.  I didn't get that job, but I did get the next one, because I was much better prepared and  not phased by interviews.

William, High Wycombe, Bucks

My degree was in Geography but I did not necessarily want to use this in my career.  I needed a professional CV and direction on finding a job.  networkjobs gave me valuable information in both these areas and also gave me some great interview tips to improve my chances at interview. I was much more prepared at interviews and therefore more confident.

David, London

I hadn't been for an interview for years.  I needed to update an old CV, but the main problem was that I was over whelmed with the job market.  There are so many job boards, which ones do I use.  Jane helped me give my CV a good overhaul.  It ended up much sharper and looked much more professional.  She also helped me understand the job market, which boards to us and how to contact employers direct.  I ended up with more confidence because I understood  the job scene.  

Seb, Maidenhead, Berks

I took 6 months off after graduating to travel to Australia.  When I returned I needed to start looking for a permanent position and found it difficult.  Jane pointed me in the right direction and gave me lots of information on how to market my CV in the sectors that I was interested in. I stay focused and am now working for a leading IT company.

Daniel, Bucks

I was lacking in confidence and didn't know how to improve my CV.  After working with Jane I ended up with a well written CV that sold my skills and it boosted my confidence no end!

Emma, Manchester

Wanting to move from Manchester to London for a better job, I knew I had to get my CV right. But for two or three months I heard nothing back even after sending it out to recruiters.

I asked Jane for help and within a week I had six emails with recruiters and interviewers who were interested. She helped me with structure, grammar and relevance for my specific role. But as important, she also helped me to understand how recruiters and employers work, how they search for candidates and how to make sure mine was the one they picked out from the hundreds of applicants they were getting.

I’m now in a better position, with a better salary and great career prospects AND I’m still getting people contact me offering me roles for positions as well!


Thank you so much Jane!

Karen, Northampton

I graduated with a 2:1 and wasn't sure how to go about finding a job.  I was sending my CV out, but not getting any results back.  Jane changed my CV, created an action plan and gave me a to do list to get me going.  I now have a good understanding of how the job market works and now have a job I love!